5 ultimate chicken recipes – easy, healthy,delicious recipes for chicken

5 ultimate chicken recipes – easy, delicious recipes for chicken

Chicken is such a great ingredient. It’s relatively cheap, easy to cook and so delicious. I like the way it is so versatile.

Here are some of my favourite chicken recipes. Always aim to buy high welfare chicken if you can.

Pan-fried chicken with pancetta and mushrooms
This is a great one-pot recipe. Chicken thighs are often tastier than chicken breast AND they’re cheaper. I always buy boneless, skinless thighs because they’re much easier to deal with. Serve it with quinoa for extra goodness.

Spanish chicken
This is such a tasty dish! Chicken baked in a rich tomato sauce with peppers, carrots and olives. Lovely with cheesy polenta.
Spanish chicken and polenta (4)

Chilli blanco
Are you a chilli fan? That’s a silly question, who isn’t? I love this white chilli version made with chicken mince. It’s much lighter than the beef version but still delicious. You can serve it with tortilla nachos and a range of toppings like lime, cheese, avocado and spring onions.
Check out this slow cooker version as well.White chilli with tortilla chips (8)

Pulled chicken
Chicken slow cooked in a delicious barbecue sauce until it falls apart. It’s amazing with sweet potato fries, it’s amazing in tortilla wraps… it’s just amazing!Pulled chicken thighs (2)

Ras-el-hanout chicken
This is another easy one-pot. You coat the chicken breast in ras-el-hanout, then bake it on a bed of bulghur wheat and roasted red peppers. It’s vibrant and colourful. Try it and you’ll love it!Ras el hanout chicken and bulghur (7)IMAG1497


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