Save freezer space with this handy tip!

Batch-cooking and keeping leftovers in your freezer is brilliant. It’s an economical way to cook and it means you always have tasty meals in your freezer.

However, if you have a tiny freezer like me, it can get full really quickly. Using Tupperware boxes takes up a LOT of space, especially for single servings.

So here is my handy, space-saving tip. Take a mug and line it with a freezer bag. If you can, roll down the top. Then, spoon your meal into the bag. Once it is cool, transfer the mug and bag in to the freezer. After a few hours, slip the bag out of the mug and it will be frozen in a cylinder which doesn’t take up much room at all!

You can then defrost and re-heat whenever you like. Just don’t forget to label the bag, or else you’ll end up playing freezer roulette (like the time I defrosted white wine for a risotto only to discover too late that it was egg whites….).

Processed with MOLDIV

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