Cheese, glorious cheese! – 5 delicious cheese recipes

Recipes celebrating the wonder of cheese!

Inside out cheeseburgers
When you put the cheese INSIDE the burger, rather than on the top, something magical happens. Use a small piece of Camembert or Brie in the centre of your meat patty and then barbecue or grill so that the cheese inside goes all melty and gooey. Yum!

Three cheese individual lasagnesFile_005
Use mozzarella, Parmesan and ricotta to make these adorable mini lasagne cups. You use wanton wrappers so the lasagnes cook quickly in the oven and these pocket sized treats can be taken with you for a delicious lunch!

Gruyere, zucchini and pea tart
The base of this tart is fresh and light – cream cheese with plenty of peas. Then top it with strips of zucchini and nutty Gruyere to create a lovely light vegetarian tart.

Chorizo carbonara
Chorizo courgetti carbonara (8)
Parmesan is one of my favourite cheeses so I always love a good carbonara. This twist on the classic uses chorizo instead of bacon from a smoky Spanish twist and you can use either pasta or spiralized zucchini… or a combination!

Pan-fried gnocchi with halloumi, roasted peppers and rocket
Gnocchi and halloumi salad (1)
This warm salad can be made in one pot with only four ingredients. And one of those ingredients is halloumi. What could be better?!

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