Creamy roasted red pepper sausages – only 3 ingredients!

Creamy roasted pepper sausages (2)

Creamy roasted red pepper sausages

I live in Malaysia now. It’s a fantastic place to live and I’m loving exploring all of the different cuisines. I am so lucky to able to experience such a wide range of food cultures and I’m really trying to make the most of it while we’re there. I try, I like, I try to replicate in my kitchen at home! In fact, I hadn’t realised how much my cooking had been influenced until I got back to England this summer. Lots of the ingredients I’ve come to take for granted are hard to get hold of here, so I’ve had to adapt again.

Of course, one thing I’ve missed in Malaysia is good quality pork sausages. They’re not easy to come by and they’re often extremely expensive. So while I was back, I treated myself to this amazing sausage dish.

Creamy roasted pepper sausages (2)

The creamy sauce that accompanies the sausages actually only has two ingredients, so it is ridiculously simple to make, but I can promise you it is so delicious. You can serve the sausages and sauce with whatever you like, but I went for braised peas and red cabbage with mine. I’m also a little bit obsessed with hasselback new potatoes at the moment, so I included those too.
Hasselback new potatoes (2)

Look how beautiful they are! Take each new potato and make vertical cuts halfway down all along one side. Toss in oil, salt, black pepper and dried herbs of your choice (I like thyme and rosemary). Cook in a preheated oven at 200°C for 40-50 minutes until cooked through.

Ingredients (serves 4)
– 8 good quality sausages (I used pork and leek)
– 125g mascarpone
– 400g roasted red peppers in oil

To serve – hasselback new potatoes, red cabbage and peas

Creamy roasted pepper sausages (1)

1. Heat a small amount of oil in a large frying pan and brown the sausages. Continue to cook gently for 10-12 minutes until the sausages are cooked through.
2. Drain the red peppers (if you save the oil, you can use it like regular olive oil with added flavour!) and put into a food processor. Blend until smooth.
3. Add the mascarpone and blended red peppers to the sausages in the frying pan and stir well to combine. Once the sauce is warmed through, season to taste. Serve with the potatoes and braised vegetables.

That’s it! Enjoy!

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Creamy roasted pepper sausages (1)



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